Book; Influence of Foot Length on the Gait of Horses

"Influence of Foot-Length on the Gait of Horses"

The contents of this book specifically address the Arabian horse breed; however, these test results are very applicable to any horse of any breed, including grade horses.

Some of the information I share contained within this book is specific to the Arabian breed in the area of natural movement  However, the actual test results are applicable to all breeds in maintaining sound and healthy horses, no matter what that breed’s natural movement may be.  All breeds and even grade horses for that matter must have proper foot care focused on making sure the naturalness of movement of that particular horse is not compromised.  Otherwise, improper care can lead to lameness and other problems in many places over the body.  There are 4 graphs within this report recorded by high-speed videography showing how the entire body carriage is affected by long versus short feet which shifts the peak concussion point within the foot.  These tests are just a start and do not even begin to address the problems of pads, the weight of shoes, and many more man-made creations in the name of  “better movement."

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