Book; Mary Anne Grimmell by Lorry Wagner

Maty Anne Grimmell, Book by Lorry Wagner

Mary Anne Grimmell
Friend and Mentor of the Arabian Horse Breed

Written by Lorry Wagner, 7 July 2012

When starting to write
this tribute to my best friend, Mary Anne Grimmell, (13 Oct 1926 - 30 Nov 2010) it started out to be a short sharing of the work, travels, and times of enjoyment the two of us had over our many years of working for the Arabian horse breed which created our many years of friendship.

As my memories flowed onto the pages of this book and I thought back in recall of all those many years,  I found myself realizing that Mary Anne was such a special person who had touched many, many lives in our Arabian horse world and in the process had contributed a tremendous amount of very positive influence to our Arabian horse breed in more areas than just the International Arabian Horse Association (IAHA). 

As I began recalling times gone by, remembering so many special people started painting the picture of the very in-depth and rich influence Mary Anne had created as she walked the long path of many years of life.  I couldn’t leave anything out of this tribute that I shared with her or of which I am aware, so this book expanded into so many more areas than just Mary Anne, me, and IAHA.

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