Trona High School Alumni Reunion of 1956

Lorry Mont Eton Graduation Photo

Welcome to Sierra Dawn Arabians - Trona Alumni of 1956!

Especially my own Class of 1956! What a wonderful time we had!

I cannot express how wonderful it was to see so many of you at the reunion dinner at the Elk's Lodge in Ridgecrest last night.  As Larry and I were driving home, Larry said to me "What a wonderful group of people you went to school with." Yes, yes, yes, Larry is so right. You are all, each and every one of you, terrific.  I will never forget our 2000 Trona High School Reunion.

A special thanks to George Sherman for "herding" our 1956 Class, constantly keeping in touch, continually updating all of us, and giving us the enthusiasmLarry and Lorry Wagner, of Sierra Dawn Arabians and inspiration that brought us all together.  And........Evelyn (Cunningham) Canning, what a wonderful idea you had.  It was so much fun to read the booklet you put together containing the bios of everyone. It goes up on my bookshelf where I can take it down and refresh my memories.  My only regret is that I "forgot" (senior moment as Barbara Rector called it) my camera.  My thanks to Caryl Whitford for sending me the picture below.

And to Phyllis, Judy, Pat, Carol, Cathy, and Jolene--seeing you brought back such fun memories of our Trona High years. Bill & Margie, Don and Birdie, what fun to see you. Roy and Ilene Hackman and Don Dansby, Larry and I enjoyed sitting with you. And to every one of you, thank you from my husband, too. You made him feel so welcome, even though he knew none of you when we arrived.  I felt like I had come home to the family.

Finally, (last but certainly not least) a huge thank you to Barbara and Russell Rector who brought us all together.  They sure made it look easy and certainly deserve the best of everything for their selfless dedication.

It is so difficult to realize that 44+ years have passed since that so very special night we all looked forward to way back in 1956--Our Graduation. Last night we looked back on Our Graduation and all the interim years--it was a wonderful evening.


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Sierra Nevadas

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