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Sierra Dawn Arabians


Sierra Dawn Arabians has been breeding quality Arabian horses since 1960.  The breeding program focuses on Classic Arabian type and tremendous athletic ability with the "in-the-tent" disposition perfected and so highly prized by the Bedouins who created this breed over thousands of years on the sands of the Arabian Desert. The training traditions of the Early California Vaqueros, as taught to Lorry Wagner by Bill "Wink" Chappell, are used on Sierra Dawn horses.

       Sierra Dunes sire of champions
(left) Sierra Dunes at age 12, (right), at age 20, last showing in Stallion Exhibition
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AHRA 48440 (Dunes x Trafara)
 1968 - 1998

This stallion was a phenomenal performance horse.  He won in halter, native Arabian costume, English pleasure, Park horse,  Western pleasure, and stock horse.  He was a wonderful trail horse and just plain pleasure to ride.  His death on February 19, 1998, left a very large hole at the barn.  However, the ranch has retained four of his daughters, one son, and two grandsons in
 the breeding program.  Two other sons have been gelded for our riding pleasure.


 Senior Stallion
Deceased November 13, 2009!

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SIERRA IBN DUNES (Sierra Dunes x Sierra Tatianna)
AHRA 272324
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Currently Standing Stallion

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SDA Dunes Sirocco (Sierra Ibn Dunes x Sierra Dawnn)
AHA 586219

Sire and Dam Tested SCID Clear!!


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 Siera Dawn Arabians breeding program

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