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List of 2022 Newsletters

Newsletter 2022 #11
California Governor Newsom vetoes Bill No. 1084 passed by both houses by huge approval with only 9 Democrats abstaining.
Newsletter 2022 #10
Further addressing additional water mess causes as below in Newsletter No. 9.
Newsletter 2022 #9
When we constantly “weave” all this information and exposures together for our readers,
I believe we are far better informed then those members of IWVGA,
SGMA and (for sure) the California politicians in Sacramento about the rights, wrongs, and actual correct answer to resolving this “water mess"!
Newsletter 2022 #8
IWVGA, SIGMA, and California have never gone back to the BASIC CAUSE of our water mess! How did we get here?
PamphletSGMA CA Vote Record.pdf

Newsletter 2022 #7
We, the people have managed to at least interfere with CA's, SGMA's and our own IWVGA's trying to charge us for our own water or close us down.
Now CA has sicced the CA Environmental Protection Agency on us.

Newsletter 2022 #6
Goes into the water mess in Arizona caused by Saudi Arabia in bed with Arizona politicians...from way back!

Newsletter 2022 #5
Covers other areas having water problems, all caused by government's illegal interference.

Newsletter 2022 #4
Other areas of CA that are also fighting their own water battles.

Newsletter 2022 #3
What the news shares with us vs. the real truth for climate change and who is really stealing our water!

Newsletter 2022 #2
More from Mike Neel addressing CA Government taxation in a different area than water, but same interference with the population. 
Also, included are the Owens Lake pictures and description starting from 1906 showing the water mess LADWP.

This No. 2 copy contains pertinent information that affects all of us here in California plus the normal water stuff.
In addition, information on draining Owens Lake is also repeated.

Newsletter 2022 #1
Includes: New IWVWD lawsuit, Payments to Stetson, Our Class-Action Lawsuit plus other subjects.

Our Class-Action Lawsuit Work in Progress
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