List of 2021 Newsletters

Newsletter No. 10 - 2021
Yes, we the people were correct from the time (June, 2018) when we started our research for "our plan" and published our first communications and newsletter.

Newsletter No. 9 - 2021

Sending LA to pay for their own water instead of we in the IWV Paying the price of L.A.D.W.P. TAKING OUR WATER and much more.

Newsletter No. 8 - 2021

Exposing the Cost of Stetson Engineers, Inc.'s Work for IWVGA... "For What?"

Newsletter No. 7 - 2021

Additional Thieves Stealing Huge Amounts of Water from All Californians

Newsletter No. 6 - 2021

California, SGMA and our own Valley's IWVGA are dreaming and out of touch!

Newsletter No. 5 - 2021

Lake Mead, Nevada
The Real Truth of Why Water Levels in
Some Areas Are Dropping!

Newsletter No. 4-2021

Which Point Out Current Research is Very Limited and thus Incorrect

Newsletter No. 3-2021

Fire on Top of 5 Sisters Peak
More on the Real Truth of Our Aquifer

Newsletter No. 2 - 2021

True Condition of IWV Aquifer

Newsletter No. 1-2021

Our Class-Action Lawsuit Work in Progress
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