List of 2020 Newsletters

Newsletter No. 1-2020
Newsletter No. 2-2020
Newsletter No. 3-2020 
Newsletter No. 4-2020
Newsletter No. 5-2020Newsletter No. 6-2020
Newsletter No. 7-2020
  Covers CA Water Rights &
 Illegality of Same
Newsletter No.8-2020 Addresses
More Water Rights Avenues
Newsletter No. 9-2020 Covers
IWVGA Plan Approval?
Newsletter No. 10-2020
Covers IWVGA Protest, New Well on Bowman, legal pursuits
Newsletter No. 10A-2020
Addresses additional solution to
Western Water Problems
 Newsletter No. 11-2020
IWVGA Threats and CA Props 13 & 4 plus
 CA Senate and House SGMA vote record
Newsletter No. 12-2020
Call for everyone to stomp on LADWP and
 CA government to get out of our lives.
Newsletter No. 13-2020
Gov. Newman Will Destroy California
 with His Water Agenda
Newsletter No. 14-2020
CA SGMA threatens blackmail
Newsletter No. 15-2020
Blackmail Continues plus LADWP
water-taking history, etc.
Newsletter No. 16-2020
Why IWV continues to expose why SGMA
and IWVGA must be rescinded
Newsletter No. 17-2020
President Trump sends instructions to
the Dept. of the Interior to address our
California Water Mess
Newsletter No. 18 - 2020
Our IWVGA threatens the closure
of Searles Valley Minerals, Trona, CA
Newsletter No. 19 - 2020
President Trump continues to pursue our water mess
Newsletter No. 20-2020
Dehoney Desalination Plant
Our IWV Water Ongoing Information
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