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Indian Wells Valley Water issues are caused
by different problems than the rest of California's Water Problems!

Final Plan for Solution Sent to Washington D.C.
(click on above to download Memorandum with final plan to resolve our aquifer mess)

Friends of the Indian Wells Valley Newsletters
2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018

Sacramento Illegal Secret Meetings
Buying Our Own Water Back!
"Letter to the Editor" for I.W.V. Newspapers

List of Letters to Government Officials and Others
President Donald Trump
U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy
California Senator Jean Fuller
California Assemblyman Vince Fong

Original Editorial by Lorry Wagner, March, 2018, click below to download .pdf copy
If you cannot download a .pdf, please contact Lorry at

IWV Water Idiots.pdf

My original cover letter

My original letter to my California State Senator with above editorial attached
Copies of this letter (with attachment) were also sent to:
My California Assembly Representative Vince Fong
My U.S. Kern County Congressman Kevin McCarthy (plus later explanatory information regarding Federal jurisdiction in some areas of our LA problem)
President Trump, The White House (later explanatory information regarding Federal-jurisdiction in some areas of our LA problem)
 News Review, Ridgecrest, CA. (printed as an editorial)
The Valley Independent, Ridgecrest, CA (printed as letter-to-the-editor)

Received a response from my Senator Jean Fuller; however, since I do not have her permission to share her original here, the following is my return response to her which reference and correct her (or her staff's if they wrote same) inappropriate responses plus more clarification from me.  An now awaiting her response.

My followup letter.pdf

Click below to download June 8 Editorial by Lorry Wagner

My Report on June 8 "almost" meeting between Indian Wells Valley Wells Owners
and the political pair, Indian Wells Valley Water Authority and IWV Water District

Click below to download news article announcing Sacramento's creating and Gov. Brown's signing of additional bills with huge increase regulations on restriction of rights to use water.  You will be shocked!

Gov. Brown signs pair of bills implementing water restriction policies!

House-hold Water Restrictions Now in Force

Click below to download proposed solution by Indian Wells Valley Residents and background information on why the problem exists.

How IWV residents can address correction of IWV aquifer, low-level mess!

July 11, 2018 Public Meeting Report, Part 3, We need the truth!
(also included in Newsletter No. 4...access at the top of this page)

NEWS FLASH!Deep, huge aquifer found under Central Valley
(click above to download .pdf news release

As this work progresses, I will add information received. We MUST stop the government, both local and California from interfering in our lives. Please help in any way you can!

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