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"In the Tradition of the Early California Vaquero

Hackamore Basics, Vol. I"

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My Mom (33757 bytes)
90th Birthday Cake
Picture on cake is of Mom when she was a teenager!

 On May 2, 2001, we celebrated my Mom's 90th Birthday.   The following pictures are for you to enjoy her special day with us. (44975 bytes) (33682 bytes)

Win pictured cutting  her 90th birthday cake

The dinner table set to celebrate a 90th birthday.

My Mom, at the age of 90, meets me at the barn every morning at the break of dawn--summer, winter, all-year-around!  She grains and feeds supplements while I throw the alfalfa.  Then, while the horses are enjoying their breakfast, she and I clean the barn and runs--12 horses currently housed therein!  When I am traveling for IAHA, WAHO, and all the rest of the "stuff" I get myself into, Mom takes care of the horses.
This is one FANTASTIC lady and I am so proud to be her daughter!

In 2011 I started the project of finding Mom's 1928 Yearbook from her Senior year, graduating at Commerce High School, San Francisco, California.
Now Completed, authored by Lorry Wagner in memory of her mother,