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Archived Information Addressing Problems between AHRA and WAHO
from 1998 to 2008

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Index to Resolve Team
Proposal & Justification
for Resolution to


Justification for Acceptance of Proposal

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Import/Export Problems Caused by AHRA/PAT's  Continued Position in
Opposition to WAHO Rules

Import/Export Problems

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The above problems are now in the archives of history since AHRA was re-accepted as the WAHO-recognized Purebred Arabian Horse Registry for the USA, Canada and Mexico as of January 1, 2008

This information is available here for anyone interested in some of the history of the problems created by this 10-year-long situation where the WAHO acceptance of the Purebred Arabian Horse Registry (PAHR), which arose to serve the Arabian Horse owners of the United States, Canada and Mexico as the officially-recognized Purebred Registry for the above-listed countries, created a smooth road, especially for those involved in the import and/or export of Purebred Arabians horses. 

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